Bailing on security

I recently quit my nicely paid and safe job as a senior project manager. We were a one income family. I’ve got two young children and my wife is a stay at home mum. I’ve got a mortgage.


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Camping with the girl

Earlier this week I ticked off another item from my 2016 to-do list: Go camping with my daughter for at least one night.

The two of us camped in my folks back garden. She helped her Grandad water the garden but was so excited and giddy that we stayed up really late and went to sleep just before 10pm. In the morning we sat on a bench, wrapped in our sleeping bags and listened to birds singing. Then she did a poop. Read more

Things I’ve learnt as a parent

Last week I wrote an article on advice I’d give my kids that was quite popular (by my lowly standards).

It got me thinking about things I’ve learnt (so far) as a parent that I wanted to share. I’m not calling this advice. Why would I? Who am I to give parenting advice with only having two young children.

These are just some things that my wife and I have either found out, or worked out, over the past couple of years.

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Advice for my kids

I’ve recently become a dad again. It’s incredible. I’m loving spending time with my boy and I’m making sure I enjoy every precious minute. I know from first time around with my girl that they really do grow up so quickly.

As I wandered at lunch today, I started thinking about what advice I’d give my kids in the coming years’.  I thought it’d make an decent article to both look back at and, at some point, share with them.

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My list for 2016

Back in 2008 I was in a bit of a rut.  I felt like I’d gone a bit flat and felt that life was coasting by.  I was conscious of putting things off, didn’t like it and wasn’t happy with myself.

So, as I sat at my desk in the far corner of the top floor at learndirect, I got a scrap of paper and made a list of things I wanted to do within 12 months.

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A recent project review

I’ve recently run a post project review on a recent project that the agency has worked on.  I wasn’t involved in the project, which has really helped as I’ve been able to be impartial throughout.  The purpose of the review, or retrospective, is simple: to learn and to make things better.

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