Microadventure Challenge

Last night was a double win; I ticked off ‘go on a microadventure by myself‘ from my 2016 to-do list and, at the same time, took part in Al Humphreys Microadventure Challenge.

It was an impromptu microadventure. My wife and I bathed and put the kids to bed for 7pm* and I packed a bag and was out of the house 30 minutes later. I thought about an hour ride would be good and so ended up cycling 7 miles (with 200m climbing).

I was heading in the direction of Dale Dike Reservoir on the outskirts of the peaks. After about an hour on the bike, knackered from plodding up hill, I spotted a footpath heading up a hill, directly overlooking that and Strines Reservoir.

It was a cracking spot, in a slight dip and well hidden from view from the road. Shame about the midges, utter small bastards they are.

First job was to open a beer and enjoy the views and peace. And then I read solidly for a couple of hours. It’s years since I’ve done that (see ‘kids’). It was great.

After a pretty decent night kip, I was up at 5am (see ‘kids’) and made a coffee and admired the morning misty views and silence. And then packed up, enjoyed the downhills and was home for 6.30am.

Spot on. You should try it.

* Yeah, neither child slept well. The Girl woke up in the night (she never does that) and the Boy was up every hour. Not sure when I’ll get a pass out again…